Plain & Simple

“And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the Lord.” Luke 1:45

Sometimes I feel like writing is my outlet, my open vein of emotion so the toxic blood can bleed out. So I guess there’s no wonder when I write, it looks like inky sadness. But I forget to write about the great times in my life.The ones that left a positive effect on my life. I forget to write about the words and how the tip toed throughout my mind and the slipped away before I could even write them down. And let’s be honest, I was always too sidetracked to remember any of my wandering thoughts that went through my head. I was too busy living life. I never realized how blessed I was sitting on those broke horses and surrounded with pine trees.. that was my safe place. Plain and simple. That’s where everything that was happening in my life went away and I was just living. Sometimes I look back and would love to do so many things different. But I am so thankful for my past because it has made me into the person I am today. I forget what to say sometimes and it just comes out vague. I don’t mean it that way cause heaven knows how deep my mind goes. Bottomless. I always feel my eyes being drawn and pulled from distraction to distraction, left with too little time to focus on fluttering phrases. Best friends are the root of happiness. I want you to know that we were always smiling and giggling, tossing cuss words as terms of endearment. And damnit, we were happy. We might have had a bad day, one with gory truths and failure and it hurt. But we were okay and without the failure, there is no success. Without the pain, there is no comfort. Sometimes you’ll put your middle fingers to the wrong doers and keep on moving. I feel like the simpler your life is, the better. The less drama you have in your life, the better. My last piece of advice for you tonight would be get tough and stay tough. Be the right kind of beautiful, the kind with Jesus in your heart and love in your eyes.
Xoxo- Kate