Dear New Momma

Dear new mama,  

Don’t worry you’re not alone. I see you over there with your new baby. Everything is new and scary for both of you. Where your tummy used to be flat and smooth, it is now flabby and covered in stretch marks. A full nights sleep is now replaced by an alarm every few hours. A breakdown at least once every couple of days seems to be the new normal. Trust me, I know how stressful it is to watch your baby cry because its tummy hurts and you have no clue what to do. It seems caffeine and dry shampoo have become your new best friends. Whenever you go out, you have to take a change of clothes for both of you. No one ever told you just how much you’d have to give up. Where you once had time to do your makeup and hair, enjoy a shower, hang out with friends, go on a date with your significant other, or just have some me time, your life is now replaced by a little human that demands all your attention. When you look at all that you’re missing it easy to get the baby blues. 


But I promise you it is all worth it! Just like no one told you how hard it would be, no one told you how amazing it would be. When your baby smiles at you it is the most beautiful sight. Nothing can compare to it! Just knowing someone depends on you and you are their whole world is the most amazing feeling. The saying ”don’t blink” is so true. They grow up way too fast. Soon they will be crawling, then walking, and before you know it moving away.   


So dear new mama, put down whatever you were doing and enjoy what little time you have to hold your baby. For this time will soon pass. And I promise, you will survive and you will wish you could come back and hold your baby once more!