Behind the Girl

Words are the backbone to the girl with long brown hair and turquoise strung around her tanned neck. Every sentence she put together so delicately. So much meaning was behind every word she wrote behind that old, wore out notebook. She puts her heart and soul into every single thing she puts her mind to. Whether it be the colts she racks her brain to get through, or the endless amount of works she has to get done at the end of each day. She belonged in a place like that, it brought peace to her. The kind of place with mountain sunsets that take your breath away. Rough, calloused hands, and that handsome fella standing next to her made her feel like she was invincible. Her soul never stopped searching for something worth knowing. There was something out there that made her believe that her words could change the world one day. The soul behind the girl wants nothing more than to make the people in her life happy. Through her eyes, she sees all of the good in people. She chooses to look past the flaws and accept them as they are. Sometimes she forgets how powerful she really is. There's no time for drama in her life, she's too busy making something of herself. Her soul belonged on the road. She belonged with those wild-eyed creatures that brought her so much happiness. Her soul is fierce. Her heart is brave. Her mind is strong. Be the soul behind the girl, embrace the soul behind the girl.